Above - Left to right

Matthew Morris - 1st Poome, Henry Shek - 1st Poome,

Louise Parker-Gorman - 2nd Poome, Brandon Smith - 1st Poome,

Callum Onions - 1st Poome, Callum Arthur - 1st Poome

Above - Left to right

Sobomnim Scott Burn - 2nd Dan         Sabomnim Yasmin Smith - 2nd Dan

Master Fowler - 7th Dan        Sabomnim Richard Fowler Jnr - 2nd Dan

Club blackbelt register


 Founder & Chief Instructor - Richard Fowler

 7th Dan


Instructor - Scott Burn 2nd Dan

Scott began training with us as a junior student back in the 80’s and went on to become a member of one the worlds elite special forces. From there he joined other security organisations, and currently still works within the industry.As a club instructor, Scott brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, he is enthusiastic and committed to bringing out the very best in any student, whatever the age. Scott regularly coaches the junior class and often takes time to help members of the adult session, nothing is ever too much trouble for him, and he continues to be an invaluable asset to the club and all its members, we all benefit from Scott's input within the association. 

Instructor - Richard Fowler Jnr - 2nd Dan

Richard has been a student at the club since childhood and has acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years, he has extensive knowledge covering all aspects of the martial arts, from basics, poomse, and competition, self defence and the more advanced subjects.

Richard himself works within law enforcement on a

 professional level, and we all benefit from his being

 part of the association. 

Instructor - Yasmin Smith -2nd Dan

Yasmin, like many other association black belts, has been with the club since she was a little tiger, and has continued to grow both as a person and as a young martial artist. Her passion for teaching the younger members of the club is evident in her continued commitment to both her training and to coaching. We are all grateful for her valued input into helping making a difference to other young peoples lives. Always there to help with a smile, yet another credit to the association.

One of Yasmins greatest club achievement's came when she was, on the 21st December 2017, awarded the associations most coveted "Student of the Year" trophy. This award is given to the person that has shown the following qualities: 





 And an Indomitable Spirit

Well done Yasmin!

On 13th December 2017, Yasmin made club history and became the first female adult black belt the association has ever had in 33 years! her determination took her from a 5 year old in the Little Tigers, through the junior class becoming a Junior black belt along the way, and at eighteen and a half years of age, becoming a Senior Black Belt.

 Keep on going Yasmin! 

 Louis Parker-Gorman Junior Instructor 

  2nd Poome

Louis is an extremely hard working individual that has continued to grow within the martial arts over the past several years. Louis success lies in his ability to listen, take on board information and to go away and practice on his own until he gets it right. Louis is a mild mannered and extremely pleasant student that is a pleasure to teach and a credit to the association. Louis was awarded the Student of the Year cup for 2018 and is to be congratulated on his continued support to both fellow students and to the club. Louis showed great strength of both mind and body together with an indomitable spirit when he successfully passed his junior 2nd Dan in September 2018.

Callum Arthur - Junior Instructor - 1st Poome 

In September 2018, Callum became one of the association's latest junior black belts and is to be congratulated on his years of hard work and dedication. Callum has a natural talent, and is, I'm sure , going to grow within the martial arts and pass on some of his talents to other members of the association. Callum is a good role model for the younger members, and its a pleasure to have him amongst us.

Callum Onions - Junior Instructor  - 1st Poome 

Callum too became one of the association's latest junior black belts in September 2018,  and is also to be congratulated on his years of hard work and commitment. Callum is a quiet and polite student,  always well mannered, and is also another fine role model to the younger members of the association. I'm sure that his calm quiet confidence will enhance the learning environment within the association. 

Brandon Smith - Junior Instructor  

1st Poome 

Brandon became a junior black belt in September 2019 and is to be congratulated on his continued dedication and commitment. Despite his disability, Brandon has persevered to overcome any obstacle in his way, and, in recognition of this, was awarded the Student of the Year cup at the close of 2019. Well done Brandon, you truly are an inspiration to all, young and old.

Matthew Morris Junior Instructor - 1st Poome 

Matthew was awarded his junior black belt in December 2019, and is a very worthy addition to the amazing cadre of junior black belts that the association already has. Yet again, Matthew has shown commitment and determination and I'm sure that he will pass this ethos on to many others within the association.