Over 50? Think you’re passed it?

Then think again! Martial Arts for the over 50’s is now available!

Classes will be every Tuesday evening at

Astor College for the Arts

I have 37 years within the martial arts, and have developed an effective system based on both authentic Taekwondo, extensive personal experience, and have designed it specifically for the more “mature” male or female student.

I offer:

Regular classes - General improvement in your health and well being

Regular grading’s to measure your individual progress – not compulsory

Non ballistic and non-injurious exercises and techniques, especially important when exercising as a mature adult

An excellent method to aid rehabilitation - Assistance with the lowering of high blood pressure - Increased stamina - Increased lung capacity

Encouragement of healthy blood circulation through movement

Increased flexibility - Increased mobility - Increased strength - Improved dexterity

An effective self defence system designed for the mature student together with basic urban weapons appreciation/handling/and defence from

Introduction to classical martial arts weapons

Increased confidence & Stress Relief - Increased mental awareness

Class Details

Class time - Every Tuesday evening at Astor College for the Arts

6:30pm in the gymnasium

First session is FREE!

Cost £32 per calendar month payable by Standing Order only

There are discounts for multiple Family Memberships.

Initial joining fee is £50, this includes the following:

Black dobok - (training suit)


Embroidered association badge

Embroidered club badge

Association membership

NAKMAS licence & Insurance

Hardback NAKMAS licence & grading book

Training manual

The annual membership renewal is £25

Grading fees - £25

These classes are strictly private, no spectators whatsoever, that means......

No mates, no mates of mates, no kids, no partners, NO EXCEPTIONS! 



Keep an eye on this page for further updates, information and details!