Below is a list of some of the people that 

have touched my life along the "WAY" and

 inspired me.

My mother, she has always believed in me and continues to do so

Graham Hall

Roger Thia Jones

Mike Knight

Dave Jarvest

Brian Jarvest

Jon Alexanda

Alan Brooks

Paul Ambrose, "Bront" as we all know and love him as! he has always supported me, encouraged, advised  and coached me, especially during the formative years of my martial arts development. 

Chris Bland - Deceased, you taught me how to train with humility.

Mick Clark, gave me so much.

Ian Morrison - the person that taught me the "WAY", and the person that I owe much of my knowledge to.

Ro Wook San, Korean Special Forces Korean Tiger - Korea 1986

Ron Wilcox, the perfect example of a true Martial Artist.

Stuart Hoade

Chris Sawyer

Lindsay Lawrence

Bernard Creton - Truely inspirational!

Steve Arniel

Phil Bones

Barry Bergen - A perfect gentleman and ambassador to the Martial Arts. Deceased Feb 2014 and sadly missed.

Mick Davies

Leon Clemence

Paul Evans

Bill Frost

Joe Ellis

Peter Manning , such technical knowledge and expertise.

 Grandmaster Pyo Rak San WTF 8th Dan - Awsome!

Paul Timms, ex student, who through his own relentless efforts, has become someone that I can turn to for guidance and edification.

And all the people I have fought and beaten, fought and been beaten by, trained with, taught and been taught by, young and old, you have all helped me continue to grow with contrast in my life and helped me to enjoy the promise and fulfilment of the Martial Arts. Osu!