ECTA's 152nd  GRADING 



  " Remember, a black belt is a white

 belt that never quit!" 


"Quitters never win...

Winners never quit!"

Grading results are as follows:

Congratulations to all of you that graded on

 Wednesday 27th September, well

 done to you, keep up the good work! 

A big thank you to all of you that came along to

 support your fellow Taekwondoians, and special

 thanks to Sabomnim Frank, who

 was there to help and support the junior grading, as

 always, your commitment and

 dedication to the club is duly noted and very much


You seniors that also graded on this night, were

 outstanding! keep doing

 what you're doing and one day, you will all enjoy 


 "promise and fulfilment of the martial arts".

Well done!

Special congratulations go to those of you that took,

 and passed with flying colours, your 1st Kup grading.

 This grading is extremely demanding, both

 mentally and physically, and one which requires

 "perseverance and an indomitable spirit"

Congratulations and respect!



Alexander Saber - 5th Kup

Oliver Zikmanis - 3rd Kup

Leila Zikmanis - 3rd Kup

TJ Paine - 3rd Kup

Findlay Want - 3rd Kup


Susan Banks - 7th Kup

Miles Lansdell - 6th Kup

Caitlin Lavery - 6th Kup

Marisol Elias - 5th Kup

Nick Stroud - 1st Kup

Niki Earle - 1st Kup

Dylan Preston - 1st Kup