To be a Black Belt

For most people who start their journey of training in martial arts, achieving a black belt is their main goal. But what does it really mean to be a black belt and what qualities should those who have one possess?

In my most humble opinion, the main qualities are as follows.

A black belt should display mental toughness and determination in the face of intense training, gradings and setbacks. A black belt student, or someone aspiring to be one, needs to have the ability to display devotion to furthering their own knowledge, not relying on others to motivate them to study, research, practice and progress.

One needs a determination to succeed, the ability to adapt around issues - such as injuries - that make it difficult to train, and a commitment to practising outside of the dojang.
There are some things that can't be taught, such as  dedication and the willingness to learn, these things have to come from the student. 

To me, having these qualities, will help one to enjoy the 
"Promise and fulfilment of the martial arts". 

Good luck on your journey!