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From: Susan Preston 
Sent: 09 July 2012 21:22
To: Fowler Richard
Subject: Grading - big thanks

Owen and Zack are so happy about their new belts, Owen has even started
to study for his yellow belt. Myself and Lee would like to thank you for
giving the boys a brilliant start to a brilliant hobby, training program
and a HUGE confident booster. We have witnessed lots of positive changes
since they started at taekwondo and I strongly believe that is because
of your patience and brilliant teaching skills, alongside all the
wonderful help you also have. I hope that both the boys continue to work
hard and enjoy their new found pastime. Again, thank you, your a real
inspiration and it shows in the way you run the group. Susan Preston

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Richard Fowler Testimonials - June 2012

Ruth McDade from Vista leisure runs the Unity Programme. 
Unity is programme for disabled and non-disabled children offering fully inclusive opportunities during the school holidays.  Unity is a project that is open to all children regardless of ability/disability aged between 7 and 14 years old.

Unity has seen some children struggle to follow rules and discipline, Richard kindly gives up his time and because of his excellent communication skills and expertise in taekwondo helps these children become engaged and focused.

Taekwondo teaches children patience, discipline and empowerment-with Richard volunteering his time and skills Unity has become a highly valued programme that is recognised by parents and children alike throughout the Dover district.

Taekwondo introduces new skills to many of the children that take part in Unity, promoting inspiration, equality and determination as key values.

Richard volunteers and gives up either a morning or afternoon once a week in the holidays to deliver Taekwondo, due to this volunteering work on the Unity initiative relationships have been built between children, parents, and staff –because of this we are able to signpost children to the Taekwondo club promoting club links throughout the district.

Karen Lanigan runs the SN@P programme. 
SN@P is a transitional programme which is run in the school holidays for year six children. 
Vista Leisure works with the local Schools to target those children who may struggle with the transition from primary to secondary school. We work with the children one day each half term to build on their confidence and self-esteem. Richard has kindly volunteered to give up a morning or two to come in and work with these children.

Through taekwondo Richard can introduce new skills to many of the children who may not otherwise get this chance due to lack of confidence or self-belief. 

Richard also installs discipline to certain individuals who would usually struggle, empowering all children to believe in themselves.


Message sent 2nd May 2013
Tony Bryant Phone 07411742727
Taekwondo has and continues to be a great education to my boys and daughter. They have been going for nearly 2 years now, my daughter also has just taken up the art. Initially I wanted them to learn how to defend themselves, I have since learnt there is so much more to Taekwondo than just defending yourself, it comes with a philosophy that I believe is good for any child or indeed adult to adopt Master Fowler is teaching my boys and daughter Discipline, Confidence, Respect and many other skills important to them on their road to adulthood. My plan is to have them learn and be taught the art of Taekwondo along side their school education. If you want an educator of Martial Arts, I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone better than Master Fowler, his teaching technique suits the children of all ages, his patience brings out the best of his students. On a personal note as a father I would like to thank Master Fowler for helping my kids on their journey. With Taekwondo, its philosophy and his teachings , I believe he is helping to give my kids a good start in life.


Parent - 25/02/2015
Character building
Master Fowler is the leader we entrust to nurture and guide our young
son in a hugely important part of his learning experiences.  We
naturally expect great self defence skills, physical exercise, an
understanding of the sport (history/culture/language) but the 'extras'
are in fact the bedrock of these classes.  Learners gain self
confidence and respect because they truly must earn it through hard
work, lots of practice, and accepting and using assessment/criticism.
Standing 'proud', they have a better sense of self worth which
underpins an ability to appreciate and respect their peers and leaders.
They mix with very worthy role models within the Association.

Our 18yr old spent much of his primary and secondary school years
attending Taekwondo with Master Fowler and his very skilled assistants;
though it could be gruelling at times, it is one of his most prized
achievements, and permeates untold aspects of his daily life, outlook
at attitudes e.g., identifying potentially risky situations and making
informed decisions without hesitation.

So when our younger son expressed an interest in martial arts, we knew
this was the 'Top Gun' experience. Thank you Master Fowler!
Donna Sumpter - 10/07/2016
My three children have been training under Master Fowler since 2012, I have noticed a big change in their confidence. Their confidence has grown and grown, it especially helped one of my children as he was making that big step into secondary school, it helped him to make friends.
Master Fowler encourages the children to work together and to help each other out, especially with self defence moves, every child/adult can benefit from that.
My daughter is now a coach at the Taekwondo club, Master Fowler kindly let her help coach the younger children as she wants to become a primary school teacher when she has finished school. Coaching the children has taught her a lot and she has grown with confidence too, we owe it all to Master Fowler and his Taekwondo club.
My youngest son has Cerebral Palsy, he finds it hard to do the patterns, but with the help of Master Fowler and the coaches he can take it at his own pace, so he can feel comfortable, any move my son can't do Master Fowler will adapt it so he can do it and make my son feel more comfortable, if it wasn't for Taekwondo and the brilliant teaching skills there, my son's physical ability wouldn't be as good as it is now.
Thank you to Master Fowler and all the coaching team.
Parent - 10/07/2016

I cannot recommend this club enough. It is a fantastic, friendly and safe environment for children of all ages to learn new skills and respect for others and keep fit. My daughter had thrived since joining the club and I'm thrilled with the progress she has made in all areas.

 Master Fowler you are a credit to the sport!

Vicky Thomas


Parent - 14/07/2016:

Jensen has enjoyed being part of the taekwondo club for 2 years. From being nurtured in little Tigers to progressing to his next group and being challenged and encouraged, he continues to grow in confidence and develop his skills. The support of Master Fowler and his team is faultless and their calming but encouraging approach has seen Jensen grow to love this sport and look forward to it every week. He is respectful of the rules and committed to following them. This is an excellent club that I would recommend without question.


Junior class - June 2019

-Whatever happens I hope the kids keep up the Taekwondo, from all of the sports they and their brothers and sisters have done (even representing England) you have been the greatest single positive influence in one sport, be that at take action or taekwondo, I really wish swimming, football, gymnastics and even Sea/Army cadets had a Master Fowler.


Junior class - 07/01/2023

My daughter has been with this club since 2015 and I couldn’t recommend it enough not only what skills she has learnt but what it makes her as a person. Master Fowler is outstanding in his teaching techniques and this shows through all his students . Highly recommend to all children and adults


Senior Class - 26th January 2023

I joined the club about 6 years ago after watching my kids train at the club, a lifelong want to study a martial art and for general well-being and fitness.

Under Master Fowler's tutelage, my kids enjoyed their time at Taekwondo. It pushed them mentally and physically,  but most importantly to me, it reinforced the manners and respect which as parents we try and instil in our kids.

I wasn't precious about which Martial art I wanted to learn, however over the years I had heard Master Fowler was a well respected and experienced teacher.  As a 40 year old man at the time, (maybe carrying a few lbs too many) I wasn't your typical Taekwondo student candidate. We've all seen the Olympics where Taekwondo fighters are slight in build, fit as a fiddle and achieve jumping kicks over 6 foot in the air. However, without bias or assumption, Master Fowler teaches his martial arts to his students abilities.  We cover a wide range of activities alongside the traditional Taekwondo, tonight we did simulated pressure test training which left everyone buzzing. 

As part of the journey one undertakes when learning a martial art, you must train both body and mind.  My self confidence has definitely increased over the past several years, a lot of which I credit to Taekwondo. Club night is a great stress buster from all of life's pressures and with respect to fitness, you get pushed to your limit.  All in all there are enormous benefits to all aspects of your health both physical and mental.

Finally, Master Fowler's club is run under a moral code or the 5 tenants of Taekwondo that all Taekwondo clubs should align to, these are; courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.  These are all observed,  respected and adhered to. However,  I would add another couple to Master Fowler's club, 'fun and friends', as I have found both at the club too.

Ben McConnell