Top - High grade candidates and helpers

Above - Low grade successful candidates

at the clubs 145th grading

 held on the 19th December 2021





19th December 2021

Well done to Matthew Morris! who

 passed his 2nd Poome grading and

 gave an outstanding performance of

 technical ability, fitness and courage.

Matthew, you're a credit to the club

 and I'm sure to everyone around you,

 keep it up!

 Congratulations to Kacper, who

 gave an outstanding 

performance throughout his grading,

 and was awarded the student of the

 day, well done Kacper, keep it up!!

Special thanks to Cho Su Dawn, Noah,

 Callum A, Callum O, Dennis, Daniel, 

Maya, Ben & Hollie

 all of whom gave up their day to


 along and assist with the grading.

Good to see all you parents! hope you

 were all proud of your children's


Grading results are as follows:



Samanta Czajka - 9th Kup

Marisol Elins - 9th Kup

Joshua Wallege - 9th Kup

Connor Cowan - 8th Kup

Alan Czajka - 8th Kup

Parker Robinson - 8th Kup

Isabelle Crompton - 7th Kup

Kacper Fijalkowski - 7th Kup - Student of the day!

Sezar Hossain - 7th Kup

Larisa Sargisan - 7th Kup

Olivers Zikmanis - 7th Kup

Leila Zikmanis - 7th Kup 

Sophie Morris - 5th Kup

Joshua Howorth Kup

Matthew Morris - 2nd Poome