Top - Junior student Findlay Want with


"Student Of The Day" 

award certificate 

Above - Juniors at the associations

 142nd grading

 held on the 27th September 2020





27th September 2020

Well done to all of you! Special

 congratulations to Findlay Want who

 gave an outstanding 

performance throughout his grading,

 well done Findlay, keep it up!!

Congratulations also to you three

 seniors that took and passed your 1st

 Kup grading, not an easy one, very

 well done!!

Special thanks also to Sabomnim

 Yasmin and Cho Su Frank, both of

 whom gave up their day to come

 along and assist with the grading.

Grading results are as follows:



Riley Danko - 9th Kup

T J Paine - 9th Kup

Findlay Want - 9th Kup

James Goode - 9th Kup

Morgan Hutchinson - 8th Kup

Sophie Morris - 7th Kup

William Rook - 7th Kup

Finlee Streeting - 6th Kup

Reuben Miller - 5th Kup

Tobey Wells - 5th Kup

Koby Jones - 5th Kup

Robbie Danko - 4th Kup

Noah Husk - 4th Kup

Angelea Sodhi - 3rd Kup

Dexter McConnel - 3rd Kup

George West - 3rd Kup

Joshua Howarth - 2nd Kup

Acacia Miller - 2nd Kup

Holly Stoneman - 1st Kup

Ben McGreggor - 1st Kup


Dawn Lovelock - 1st Kup

Ben McConnel - 1st Kup

Donna Sumpter - 1st Kup