Above - Seniors after the clubs 141st Grading 

held on 17th March 2020



17th March 2020

Well done to all of you! 

Richard and Ron, both delivered a very

 confident grading

 gaining their 7th Kup, keep it up guys!

Donna, Dawn & Ben, you all gave a superb 

performance of a really tough grading,

 congratulations to you all!

Special thanks to:

 Sabomnins Scott, Richard & Yaz, Cho su Frank, 

Kyosanim Rachel & Niki, all of whom gave up

 their time to come along and make the grading

 possible, thank you. 

Grading results are as follows:



Ronnie Veness - 7th Kup 

Rchard Estdale - 7th Kup 

Dawn Lovelock - 2nd Kup

Ben McConnel - 2nd Kup

Donna Sumpter - 2nd Kup