Above - Smiling faces at the grading held on 

22nd December 2019



22nd December 2019

Well done to all of you! Little Tigers, Juniors, 

and Seniors. 

Special congratulations to Matthew Morris who

 successfully passed his junior black belt,1st Poome,

 and gave an excellent performance throughout his 


Well done Matthew, keep it up!

Also, special congratulations to Sophie Morris,

 who was awarded the student of the day 

certificate for an outstanding grading and showed

 determination in everything that she did. 

Very well done Sophie! 

A very successful day in the Morris household!

 Congratulations to you all.

Special thanks to:

 Sabomnin Scott, Cho Su's Donna, Dawn, 

 Kyosanims Callum , Brandon & Henry, Isaak, Kobi Josh

 & Ben,  all of whom gave up their Sunday

 afternoon to come along and help those that

 graded, your help was much appreciated. 


 Thank you also for the friends and families 

that come along to support the students and 

the club.

Grading promotions are as follows:



 Oscar Hewitt - 9th Kup 

Oscar Stoneman - 8th Kup

Luca Hewitt - 7th 

Findlay Want - 7th Kup

Harry Fagg - 6th Kup

Charlie Brandon - 5th Kup

Riley Danko - 5th Kup 

Harry Jacobs - 5th Kup 

Austin Husk - 3rd Kup 


Nail Vaness 1st Kup 


Layton Birchenough - 9th Kup 

Josie Boyce - 9th Kup 

Morgan Huthchinson - 9th Kup 

Darcie Peters - 9th Kup 

Dylan Smith - 9th Kup 

Tyler Smith - 9th Kup 

Sophie Morris - 8th Kup - Student of the day award!!

William Rook - 8th Kup

Finlee Streeting - 7th Kup


Reuben Miller - 6th Kup


Zachary Beer - 5th Kup

George Husk - 5th Kup 

Alajandro Armstrong - 4th Kup

Poppy McConnel - 4th Kup 

Dexter McConnell - 4th Kup 

Angelea Sodhi - 4th Kup 

George West - 4th Kup 

Micah Brearley - 2nd Kup 

Ben McGregor - 2nd Kup 

Hollie Stoneman - 2nd Kup

Ruby Burn - 1st Kup 

Daniel Saber - 1st Kup 

Dennis Saber - 1st Kup 

Matthew Morris - 1st Poome


Ronnie Veness - 8th Kup 

Rchard Estdale - 8th Kup 

Nike Earle - 2nd Kup