Above - Seniors that graded on 

Wednesday 29th June 2022

Abi Stroud - 8th Kup

Nick Stroud - 6th Kup

Lewis Stroud - 6th Kup

Great grading.....keep it up!


A black belt is a white belt that never quit!




26th March 2022

 Congratulations to Oliver, who

 gave an outstanding 

performance throughout his grading,

 and was awarded the student of the

 day, well done Oliver, keep it up!!

Special thanks to Cho Su Dawn,&

 Kyosanim Matthew,

 both of who gave up their day to


 along and assist with the grading.

Good to see all you parents! hope you

 were all proud of your children's


Grading results are as follows:



Rosie Adams - 9th Kup

Oliver Heneghan - 9th Kup - Student of the day!

Jimmie Miller - 9th Kup

Alexander Saber - 9th Kup

Samuel Sojka Krejci - 9th Kup

Samanta Czajka - 8th Kup

Marisol Elias - 8th Kup

Joshua Wallege - 8th Kup

Connor Cowan - 7th Kup

Parker Robinson - 7th Kup

Isabelle Crompton - 6th Kup

Riley Danko - 6th Kup

Kacper Fijalkowski - 6th Kup

T J Paine - 6th Kup

Larisa Sargisan - 6th Kup

Findlay Want - 6th Kup

Olivers Zikmanis - 6th Kup

Leila Zikmanis - 6th Kup 

Morgan Hutchinson - 5th Kup

Willian Rook - 5th Kup

Ayla Kemp - 4th Kup

Finlee Steeting - 4th Kup

Koby Jones - 3rd Kup

Ethan Calvo - 2nd Kup

Robbie Danko - 2nd Kup

Noah Husk - 2nd Kup